If you’re addicted to truffles (like we are), you want to know where you can get your truffle fix all year long. Good news is – you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve recently introduced fresh truffle options into our store, so if you are looking to level up your truffle game, we’ve got you covered.

All our fresh truffles are sourced from Serbia, or should we say, land of the truffles! Did you know that all kinds of truffles have been found in more than 250 locations in Serbia? Over 40 species of mushrooms have been found, and from them, an amazing 13 species are that of truffles.  Serbians don’t know just how lucky they are, as truffle hunting is still in its primary stages in within the country.

We LOVE a good Serbian truffle, and better yet, we know how to use them to their full potential. That’s why we decided it was about time we offered fresh truffles.

Here is a list of truffles we stock:


Name: Tuber Aestivum aka - Burgundy truffle

Season: June to September

Details:  This summer truffle can be found in many European countries, meaning it is used in many different dishes. It is said to have an intense hazelnut-like aroma and is widely distributed compared to other truffles.


Name: Tuber Magnutum aka Pico or White Truffle

Season: from September to February

Details: This truffle is found mostly in southern parts of Europe, particularly in Italy, where there is an annual festival held in its honor. As its name states, contrary to most truffles, the Tuber Magnutum is white with pale cream and brown marbling. White truffles are valuable.


Name: Tuber Brumale aka Winter truffle or Muscut Truffle.

Season: December to March.

Details: Strong and spicy in aroma, the winter truffle is better suited to those looking for more of a strong peppery flavour.


Name: Tuber Macrosporum aka Smooth black truffle or Fall truffle.

Season: September to January

Details: The colour of this truffle can range from black to reddish-brown, with layers of white veins through the flesh. It has more of a garlic-like odor, similar to the Italian white truffle.


Name: Tuber Melanosporum or Perigord truffle.

Season: July to September

Details: Black truffles are highly popular and widely used. It wasn’t until 2005 was the black truffle found in Serbia. Their scent is reminiscent of undergrowth, as they are found often in soil close to trees. Hints of strawberry, wet earth, and dried fruit can be noted until the black truffle is heated, then the taste becomes more peppery and bitter. 

Time to order some fresh truffles? Contact us today!

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