From Serbia with love...

From Serbia with love...

I’ve finally had a minute to come down from my visit to truffle paradise to sit at my computer and share with you my Serbian truffle adventure.

With white truffle season upon us, I knew it was the perfect time for a truffle-fueled three-week trip to visit our suppliers and enjoy some local splendor.

Serbia is slowly becoming known as the truffle hot-spot, as the country is overflowing with the delicacy. They produce tonnes of truffles literally, tonnes. Nearly eighty percent of Serbia’s truffles are exported to countries like Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. The Serbian’s are sitting on a GOLD mine, yet most Serbians don’t indulge in cooking or consuming with truffles.

Traveling with my business partner and friend Cathy, our journey began landing in the capital of Belgrade. I am Serbian by blood, so many of my childhood vacations were spent visiting the motherland. We headed out to my house in Sremska Mitrovica, in the province of Vojvodina, and stayed there whilst we explored the local truffle offerings.

The climate for white truffles wasn’t optimal, as peak season sees the temperatures sit around two to four degrees for prime white truffle foraging. But that didn’t stop us from making the most of our visit. The best time of the season is the end of October and the beginning of November.

We had a great opportunity to meet with our suppliers and get a great understanding of the farm to table process. We toured the facility and got a chance to see all the new products we have coming soon, like our white truffle oil, black truffle oil, and infused mushrooms…..but more on that soon!

We even got a chance to shoot some promotional videos at the facility with our supply partner and further our education on truffles even more (we didn’t know that was possible!). There is always so much more to learn in the ever evolving world of truffles!

We got a chance to extend our palettes and test out some new cooking methods and recipes, which I will say was one of my favourite parts! We experimented with truffle mash-potato, oyster mushrooms, truffle risotto, egg and cheese with truffles - my mouth is watering just writing this.

Truffle hunting was one of the most intriguing and informative parts of the trip and allowed us to have hands-on involvement in the whole process of truffle sourcing. With a specially trained truffle dog by our side, we headed to explore the mountain area of Fruska Gora. We searched the forest floor for hidden gems, which was a cool experience to be involved in.

At the end of each day of truffle hunting, everyone would collect their finds which went through a processing facility and is sorted by class. This takes into consideration size, weight, how smooth or bumpy they are, if there are any flaws, it is like assessing a diamond.
They then allow you to purchase what you are after. All our truffles are sourced throughout the region of Vojvodina.

The trip was a highly educational experience and also gave us great insight into how we can better provide AWESOME products to our shop.

As mentioned above, we’ve got some exciting new products launching right before Christmas, remaining free of artificial flavors and preservatives, only 100% real truffles!

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